Cobblestones are brief open source surveys of articles, videos and books focused on risks that impact insurance and reinsurance strategic planning and risk managment. Cobblestones are stepping stones to a more fulsome understand of these risks.


The study of deepfakes empowers insurers to adapt to these threats, maintain a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape, maintain the trust of policyholders, protect customers’ data, and fortify their defenses against potential fraud attempts.

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Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing will significantly influence insurance underwriting by introducing new product liability and risk assessment complexities. Insurers must adapt their underwriting models to evaluate the unique risks associated with additive manufacturing products and construction techniques, such as potential design flaws, material integrity, and intellectual property concerns.

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Florida Insurance Market Update

The Florida property insurance market has been struggling with skyrocketing premiums and a lack of availability, leading to many homeowners struggling to find coverage. However, recent legislative improvements, such as laws to crack down on insurance fraud and reduce litigation costs, aim to stabilize the market and make insurance more accessible and affordable for Floridians.

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Regrettably, domestic terrorism continues to pose a threat in 2023, necessitating ongoing attention and action. Insurers must remain vigilant, adapting their risk assessment strategies to address the evolving nature of this menace, ensuring the protection of their clients and society at large.

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