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Our Mission

At Cobblestone Consulting LLC, we aim to leverage our deep historical knowledge of the reinsurance and insurance industries to provide effective problem-solving solutions. We are dedicated to empowering our clients through seamless knowledge transfer, enhancing their understanding and decision-making capabilities.  Upholding the highest ethical standards, we instill trust, forge sustainable relationships, and ensure our client’s success, turning challenges into stepping stones for growth.

Pete Thomas Risk Advisor / Consultant

Our thought leader

An acknowledged industry expert

Pete Thomas has over 47 years of experience in insurance, reinsurance management, problem-solving, and product design. He provides actionable insights into emerging risks and advises organizations on risk management and operational efficiency. Pete’s expertise, backed by his commitment to integrity and ethical practice, has significantly contributed to the success and growth of numerous companies.

Our Expertise

How we help to mitigate your risks


Best risk practices


Workshops are a way to explore new ideas, up-skill employees, enhance problem solving skills and institutionalize expertise.

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Comprehensive white papers


Authoring detailed white papers on reinsurance and terrorism risks.

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Reinsurance Contracts

A collaborative exercise

Reinsurance Contracts

Thoughtfully drafted reinsurance contracts to help protect property and casualty insurers.

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Litigation Support

Expert witness

Litigation Support

Providing expert testimony, strategic guidance, and decision making support in litigation.

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OSINT Techniques

Open Source Intelligence

OSINT Techniques

Uncover, identify, and analyze unknown emerging risks. to draft better reinsurance agreements.

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Why Us

Unmatched Experience

Cobblestone Consulting LLC offers specialized services that target insurer operational efficiency, reinsurance risk management, emerging risk mitigation, educational programs, and litigation support for law firms. We focus on cost-effective problem-solving and knowledge transfer. Our mission is to help clients to improve.

Collaborative Approach

Directly translates into more efficient operations, cost savings, and reduced client business disruptions.

Trusted Experts

47 years of experience of insurance, reinsurance management, problem solving and product design. A commitment to integrity and ethical practices.

Why Us Team Hands

Our story

We work closely with our clients to build a strong risk management foundation.

The 3rd Century Roman engineers used cobblestones to build their Empire, creating 50,000 miles of innovative, practical, and long-lasting roadways that reduced travel time, facilitated commerce and improved security. Inspired by those Roman engineers who built roadways that served as the foundation of the Empire, Cobblestone Consulting LLC aims to work with you to strengthen the foundation of your enterprise by developing innovative, practical, and long-lasting solutions. We’re here to help you protect your business, develop opportunities, solve problems, and create the infrastructure for success.

Our approach is a collaborative, research-based process that addresses immediate opportunities and challenges. At the same time, our collaborative approach focuses on knowledge transfer, providing our partners with the necessary tools and educational programs to manage these opportunities and challenges independently.

The early Roman engineers were right. The key to success is a solid foundation. Cobblestone Consulting LLC is here to offer you the key to your success, a solid business and reliable risk management foundation that stand the test of time. 

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