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Why Us

Unmatched Experience

Cobblestone Consulting LLC offers specialized services that target insurer operational efficiency, reinsurance risk management, emerging risk mitigation, educational programs, and litigation support for law firms. We focus on cost-effective problem-solving and knowledge transfer. Our mission is to help clients to improve.

Collaborative Approach

Directly translates into more efficient operations, cost savings, and reduced client business disruptions.

Trusted Experts

47 years of experience of insurance, reinsurance management, problem solving and product design. A commitment to integrity and ethical practices.

Our thought leader

An acknowledged industry expert

Pete Thomas is an acknowledged industry expert and thought leader with over 47 years of experience in insurance, reinsurance management, problem-solving, and product design. He provides actionable insights into emerging risks and advises organizations on risk management and operational efficiency. Pete’s expertise, backed by his commitment to integrity and ethical practice, has significantly contributed to the success and growth of numerous companies.

Pete earned his BA in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Pete is the Reinsurance Association of America’s 2012 ReScholar Educator of the Year Award recipient for his commitment to industry education and knowledge sharing. Over his long career, Pete has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences and educational seminars. 

Despite his busy schedule, Pete makes time for his hobbies. An avid reader, he has an impressive library with books on terrorism, political science,  science, law, emerging risks, risk management (re)insurance, and American history and literature. Pete is also known for his poor culinary skills; friends fear his homemade chili. 

Pete and his wife Beth reside in Burlington, North Carolina; his two adult children live nearby. Pete is inspired by the Golden Rule in his business and personal life: “In everything, do unto others what you would have them do unto you.”

Pete Thomas Risk Consultant

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